We can help you to grow your business or create awarenes by 40% through SMS MARKETING with the help of our 100% verified & targeted GSM numbers database. Our GSM numbers database is one of its kind, 100% verified. 



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Do you have a new or existing product you want to create awareness to people within a particular L.G.A, state or occupation? 

If YES, then SMS marketing is the best and cheapest means of advertisement in 21st century because it gets to the door steps of your targeted audience.

SMS marketing has quickly becoming a marketing sensation sweeping the world and with good reason. Here is 10 awesome SMS marketing facts you should know.

1. Texting is Popular
According to recent surveys, 2/3 of the world uses text message servicing. This equals approximately 1.8 million people. With so many people with cell phone in hand, and actively using SMS messaging, you can be certain that your marketing efforts will pay off.

2. Fast Response Time
Four minutes. That is the average time that it takes for an individual to open a text message they've received on their phone. This is compared to 48 hours for email messages. When it is fast, instant communication that you seek, SMS marketing makes it possible.

3. 50 Looks Per Day
This is the average number of times an individual looks at their cell phone in a day. This means they’ll certainly be aware of your message quickly after it has been sent.

4. People Prefer Mobile Coupons
According to these recent surveys more people prefer receiving messages via their mobile than through any other source. The findings also reported that users are 35 times more likely to redeem a coupon sent to them via SMS marketing. This is one of the very interesting SMS marketing facts all businesses can appreciate.

5. SMS Marketing can Build Your Brand
With SMS marketing you can easily build your brand. Provide customers with an offer that will really entice them to visit your business and you can keep them with the right techniques in marketing.

6. 20 Years and Counting
SMS message marketing first began being utilized in 1999. It was an accident, however the accident proved to be one that would change the world forever, and it has certainly changed the way that businesses market their products and services.

7. Text Messages Per Month
The first text message from an individual was sent in 1992, and these years have certainly seen an increase in popularity of text message marketing. In 2011 the average person sent 350 messages per month, on average. With SMS marketing the consumer can communicate with businesses in many cases and this fact proves they will!

8. You Can Communicate with Employees, too
While mobile messaging is designed as an effective way of communicating with consumers, it is also a wonderful way to communicate employees within your organization as well. You will find mobile messaging perfect for changes in schedules, notifying employees of meetings, interviews and so much more. It is a versatile form of communication that businesses of all size can utilize.

9. Reaching More People
SMS marketing is effective because there are more cell phones than PC in this world. And, it is more successful than other forms of marketing. What are those success rates? SMS marketing offers 95% success rates!

10. Allows the transmission of time-sensitive information
You may, for example, wish to reach your customers just before lunch hour (if you have a restaurant) and you want to promote daily specials particularly on slow days of the week.

 sms marketing

Everybody is doing SMS marketing except you, contact us today for GSM database of people within a particular L.G.A or state.


Our genuine GSM numbers are arranged as follows:


* First and Surname Name



* State

* Phone number

* Occupation (Only for: Abia, Cross River, Adamawa, Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Ekiti, Enugu, Lagos Kano and Ondo state).



Below is the sample of our genuine Nigeria GSM numbers database.

Nigeria GSM numbers database



Each LGA: ₦10,000

Each State: ₦20,000
Nationwide: ₦150,000

Bank Details:

Account name: Young Web Solution

GTBank: 0127482683

First Bank: 2023138401

After payment send your payment details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject  PAID FOR GSM DATABASE indicating the amount, depositor's name, GSM numbers location and bank the payment was made.

For enquiry send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0806-086-4748 (8AM - 4PM | Monday - Friday)


Note: We do not have Bayelsa state database numbers. Rivers state only have the following LGAs with no occupation collumn.

Port Harcourt
Obio Akpor